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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MatchedFlicker, is it a new type of device?

No, MatchedFlicker is an online software tool that automatically aligns and registers virtually any pair of still images and then ‘flickers’ them back and forth so that differences are brought to life as animated motion and immediately detected by the eye. We like to say it really automates the old ‘Spot the Difference’ game you may be familiar with.

I already know how to visually compare images, why do I need MatchedFlicker?

Most every ophthalmologist and optometrist practicing today has spent numerous hours at some point in their training looking at image pairs of the eye and trying to discern whether or not there had been any change. It’s well-documented that any two clinicians, even experts, looking at the same set of images only have about a 50% chance of coming to the same conclusion. This is true with fundus photos and stereophotos, and we are aware of cases where early changes were completely missed that later progressed to glaucoma. MatchedFlicker not only makes it faster and easier to see changes, but it also helps you see small changes that might otherwise be overlooked.

We use OCT on all my glaucoma suspects and retina patients, why do we need anything else?

Fundus photography and OCT are complimentary modalities, each offering specific and valuable information. Side by side analysis of digital photos can provide a lot of important information on progression, but it’s not as easy as OCT and doesn’t provide an output that can be shared with the patient. When you combine photography with MatchedFlicker, you get more information and you have an animation that can be used to help communicate with a patient about their treatment plan or to help engage them better in their own care. This has the potential to dramatically increase both satisfaction and outcomes.

And, unlike OCT and some other modalities, MatchedFlicker is fully backwards-compatible with photos from any camera or even scanned slides.

Is MatchedFlicker easy to use? Does it work with my EMR?

Using MatchedFlicker is as simple as uploading your images to our secure, HIPAA friendly website, choosing the images to compare and clicking the ‘Create Flicker’ button. The flicker is automatically generated and ready to view in seconds. While we don’t yet integrate directly with your EMR, most systems can be configured to save images to a specific folder that MatchedFlicker will look to by default when you’re ready to upload. There are also a variety of screen capture programs available that allow you to capture images directly from the EMR viewer, and in most cases these are sufficient for using with MatchedFlicker.

Can I bill for a flicker?

Yes! Although flicker is not itself a directly reimbursed procedure, CPT code 92250 covers fundus photography with documented interpretation by a clinician, and typically that will involve comparison with a prior image. MatchedFlicker makes this process faster and more accurate, which increases throughput. Our users have experienced increases in efficiency and ease of use that have resulted in additional claims for fundus photography and associated revenue increases of 33% or more.

What does MatchedFlicker cost to use? Do I need to buy any special equipment?

All you need to run MatchedFlicker is a web browser, internet access and your image files (JPEG or PNG). Subscriptions are priced per month, or if you can commit to a full year and save 33%. Click here to see all of the subscription options, or just go here to get started with a free trial.