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MatchedFlicker Educational Webinars

EyeIC regulary brodcasts MatchedFlicker educational webinars. We invite you to learn about MatchedFlicker from clinicians who share their experiences with this exciting technology in managing patients.

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When You Don't Have Much to Go On...Using MatchedFlicker® in Telemedicine.

In this webinar, Harry Green, OD, PhD, a clinical researcher in digital health at UC Berkeley School of Optometry discusses his experience with MatchedFlicker in a telemedicine program. Dr. Green has incorporated MatchedFlicker into his grading workflow and has found it improves his ability to detect changes in both the retina and optic disc, even very subtle ones that might otherwise be missed. Dr. Green uses EyePACS to communicate these findings back to the community-based clinician, who can also use the system to ask questions or gain additional insights from the specialist consultant.

Optic Nerve Imaging Pearls and Pitfalls: Where MatchedFlicker Fits In.

An Introduction to MatchedFlicker

A brief demonstration of the MatchedFlicker online, 510(k) FDA-cleared technology by Philip Heifetz, President and CEO of EyeIC.

Clinical Case Studies Where MatchedFlicker Enabled Earlier and More Accurate Detection of Glaucoma Progression

Seth Potash, MD presents clinical case studies where MatchedFlicker provided structural correlation with functional changes in assessing patients with glaucoma progression.

Case Studies with MatchedFlicker and How the Software has Improved the Practice Economics

Michael Cymbor, OD, FAAO presents additional case studies with MatchedFlicker, and describes how the software has improved the quality of care and economics of his busy practice.